The 7 Most Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings That You Need To Know!

Dreams are an involuntary reaction while we sleep to the stimuli we encounter during our waking hours. They are typically representations of images, situations, fears or desires that we experience while awake. Did you know that we have a minimum of 5 dream periods that last about 15 to 40 minutes every time we sleep? Most of the time, we forget our dreams as soon as we wake up. But sometimes, we can still remember the things we dreamt about.

Here are some of the meanings of the most common dreams people have:

1. House


The House represents our mind. It typically pertains to our emotions, memories or personality depending on the state of the house. It also symbolizes security and comfort.

2. Teeth

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Often we are afraid of dreaming about teeth due to its traditional interpretation as the death of someone we love.

Rotten teeth symbolizes fear and anxiety. Pulling them out means that something within you needs to come out. While teeth falling out might mean that you will be dealing with a new situation that may cause you trouble or stress.

3. Flying

unnamed (2)Flying in our dreams is all about feeling free from the things in your life that weigh you down. Flying is associated with freedom and success. Flying also sometimes pertains to the desire to achieve our ambitions.

4. Death

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In the world of dreams, death is perceived negatively by many people. In real life, this death is connected to some dramatic changes that needs to occur within ourselves. Death means something will end or will change in our lives, particularly when it comes to our emotions.

5. Money


Have you ever experienced dreaming of money then right after you woke up, you’ll search for it? Well, money means luck, value, and self-worth. But it depends on how dream goes.

When you win a lottery in your dreams this means that you need to make big changes within your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you dream of giving money, you are afraid of losing something you value the most.

6. Waterfall

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This is a sign of purity and cleansing. It is usually taken as a good omen. Waterfalls symbolize new beginnings and new doors of opportunities will open.

7. Fire

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Fire is also perceived to have negative meanings when it comes to dreams. But fire has different explanations based on how it appears in your dream.

When you play with fire in your dreams, this means that you will be involved in some risky activities or a dangerous situation is about to develop. Starting a fire means that you will deal with repressed anger and seeing a distant fire means transformation and desire.