This Autistic Boy Speaks After Just 2 Days Of This Illegal Treatment!

Cannabis oil is a resin-based substance that is produced from dehydrated female cannabis flowers. It has been used for medical purposes since the 1970s, but only recently has the medical community seen the benefits of cannabis oil in the treatment of autism and cancer. Autism spectrum disorder, commonly abbreviated as ASD, is a disorder that affects the way a child communicates. Symptoms include lack of eye contact, fixations, trouble making conversation, and social isolation. These symptoms can lead to trouble making friends and learning in school.

New studies are showing the cannabis oil may be able to reduce the symptoms. In Peru, a three-year-old boy named Kalel was diagnosed with severe autism and unable to speak. After four doses of cannabis oil over the course of four days, Kalel was finally able to recite the alphabet’s vowels. Soon, he was able to recite his consonants and put together sentences. Cannabis oil help the child communicate just like many other three-year-olds.

When it comes to cancer treatments, good, educated doctors will strive to find treatments that destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells in the patient the way chemotherapy and radiation do. The THC present in cannabis oil might be just the treatment they’ve been looking for. Research shows that when THC bonds with a cancer cells cannabinoid receptors, this chemical increases the amount of ceramide in the cancer cell, which causes it to degenerate. Excess ceramide decreases the cancer cells ability to take in nutrients and grow.

In 2000, 38-year-old Kelly Hauf was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her initial surgery was successful, but four years later, an MRI scan revealed that her tumor had grown by 25%. Kelly’s family persuaded her to try marijuana therapy. Eight months after daily cannabis oil treatments, Kelly’s MRI revealed that her brain tumor was gone, and all that remained was scar tissue. And since Kelly didn’t endure harsh cancer treatments, her immune system remained strong and healthy.

Conventional medical doctors are beginning to embrace the benefits of cannabis oil, especially as medical marijuana is rapidly becoming legalized from state to state. Before beginning this treatment for autism or cancer, it is important to speak with a pediatrician or oncologist for advice.