The Invisible Thread Between Two Soulmates

Since the dawn of time people have been saying that between two soul-mates there are invisible threads that bind the two together till the very end. They are bound together spiritually regardless of distance and circumstance.

Do you believe that there is a certain romantic destiny awaiting us?

The color red is related to this phenomena because it represents the desire and attraction between two lovers.  People believe that the thread the color red as well.

This myth comes from the East Asian part of the world. According to them, ancient Gods tie the piece of red string around your ankles. On the other side, there is the ankle of your soul-mate as well. This helps them find their loved one no matter the cause.

However, people in ancient times didn’t represent this as a “soul-mate.”. For them, this is more about being bound to someone, which opposes the general idea for a twin-flame.

The Story

The legend that speaks about this romantic destiny is somewhat sad. Apparently, one boy was walking one day and saw a man reading a book. The old man told the boy that he is reading The Book of Marriages. Once the boy saw who his romantic destiny partner is he got mad. He then was upset because he didn’t enjoy the idea of getting married. He found the girl and threw a rock at her face, then ran away.

Years later the same boy, now a young man married a girl. The girl had the reputation of being one of the most beautiful girls in the entire village. When he saw her, he noticed that she has a scar on the top of her eyebrow.

When he asked her about the story about the obvious incident, she had told him about the boy who threw a rock at her face.

This served as proof enough for the people living in ancient times to believe of the spiritual union and romantic destiny that two people get to share in their lifetime.

Even if the string tangles and stretches, the philosophy is that your romantic destiny will make its way to your life regardless of the circumstances.

Although according to this philosophy you already have a partner that is waiting for you, this does not mean that life with this partner is going to be flawless. A relationship is something that takes work regardless of the situations that the two of you are in.

There are going to be days in your relationship where you may feel emotionally unavailable, but this will not weaken the bond that the two of you share.

Japanese culture, however, is telling us that the same red string exists, but it’s attached to the pinky finger.

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